Allan Smith Engineering Pvt. Ltd.



Year 2008
ASE begin its journey with a specially developed alignment method for 2 piers machines, called FPP Alignment. The method developed to ensure alignment of drum system instead, a drum only.
The method comprises measurement and correction of the drum system during shutdown and normal operation.

Also, ASE executed following jobs with surgical precision :
  • Shell replacement
  • Tyre replacement
  • Full Floating Chairpad design and installation etc.

ASE focus on trouble shooting of recurring mechanical problem and has satisfied clients in excess of 200 machines

Year 2011
To provide advance services in Indian Subcontinent at par with international standard and visualizing futuristic demand of UPGRADATION in Indian cement industry, ASE signed MOU with EUROKILN to provide :
  • Advanced services to KILN industry
  • Design Review of kiln and components
  • Kiln Audit (Hot Kiln Alignment)