Allan Smith Engineering Pvt. Ltd.


Hot Kiln Alignment

Hot Kiln Alignment is undertaken to ensure parallelism of center axis of kiln and all the support rollers. Measurements are carried out on kiln and support rollers to locate the existing axis. Depending upon analyzed result, correction can be taken up to ensure parallelism in plan and elevation view.

Kiln misalignment influences on load distribution on the rollers. Possibility of load variation exists because of some or other reason like one roller has higher diameter than another roller, rollers with different elevation difference etc. Optimization of kiln load on the rollers helps to reduces differential loading between rollers at same pier.

Problem like hot bearings, overturning of bearings, excessive wear on support rollers, and excessive wear on thrust rollers can be eliminated. Proper kiln alignment ensures proper load sharing on the support rollers.


  • As a standard procedure, we are carrying out FEA analysis to check the kiln stiffness. The stiffness helps to conclude the kiln is “stiff” or “flexible”.
  • We evaluate local slopes of each tire (as shown below) - USP
  • We optimize loading on the piers, depends upon stresses in the shell.
  • Unique accuracy of our measurements is related to the possibility of access the support roller shaft end during operation.
  • Our precision of the measurement is up to tens of millimeter. What we can see during rollers adjustment when moving the roller of 0’2 or 0’3 mm we are shifting for thrust direction.

Hot Kiln Adjustments
We will be supervising the Hot Kiln Adjustments for the kiln alignment and skew adjustments immediately after light up. We will be ensuring normal kiln floatation, If possible. Kiln will be moving uphill with a gauge pressure of around 40 bars and return to its position at downhill when applied hydraulic pressure is reduced.