Allan Smith Engineering Pvt. Ltd.


Kiln Alignment

The Kiln Alignment services that we offer are reputed for zero error and close tolerances. We offer specialized Kiln Alignment solutions using the latest technology and tools. Our team is proficient and experienced in carrying out Kiln Alignment jobs of any scale, small or large. Our ability to locate the recurring problems and eliminating them enables us to offer dedicated Kiln Alignment.


Why Our Kiln Alignment Service?

We have an expert team of mechanical engineers who are proficient in this domain. They have extensive experience in over hundred slow speed rotary machines which enables them to effectively align and rectify any kind of problems.


What Is Floating Point Alignment?

Designed specially to address the requirements of slow speed rotary machines, this method aligns two pier supported systems thus mechanically stabilizing them. This method is planned after meticulously reviewing and learning the number of pre and post alignment issues in the two pier support systems. This ensures proper and complete alignment. The Floating Point Method is designed to bring the four floating points onto a reference plane with the aim of accomplishing uniform load sharing with support rollers.