Allan Smith Engineering Pvt. Ltd.


Kiln Balancing

We had an expertise to measure precisely support roller axial thrust in elevation as well in plan view. The measurement is concluded in “mm” and “ton” and accordingly the correction carried out to optimize the axial loading on the support roller. Kiln Balancing excessive travel may consequence in :

  • Damaging thrust roller / thrust face of thrust tire.
  • Partly damaging kiln end seals because of excessive axial load on faceplates.
  • Result in hot bearings / damaging of bearings of support rollers.
  • Excessive wear and tear on the support roller and tires surfaces.
  • Optimum balancing of kiln axial load may help to reduce / eliminate the above-mentioned problem/s.

We can also support you with repair technology, preparation for the shell straightening by cutting and resetting, replacement / Alignment of girth gear and tires, Chair pad replacement, chair pad shimming and adjustment system of our own design.