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TYPICAL SCOPE of KILN AUDIT (measurement and correction carried out during normal kiln operation)
  • Determine geometrical axis of support system in
    • Horizontal plane
    • Vertical plane
  • Determine global inclination of kiln
  • A simplified analysis of the shell deflection to determine local inclination angle of the facility in the support points.
  • Determine skew of support roller in
    • Horizontal plane
    • Vertical plane
    • Computation of direction of axial reaction forces acting on the kiln
  • Determine detailed parameter as :
    • Migration of tyre and resultant under ring clearances
    • Spacing of support rollers
    • Spacing angle of support rollers
    • Height difference of roller shafts
    • Diameter of ring (tyre) and rollers at 3 sections
  • Determine axial position of Girth gear – Pinion, tyre – rollers
  • Visual inspection of kiln condition, support system, shell, seals, thrust rollers, drive sections.
  • Calculations, review of obtained parameters, determine the corrective settings for the support system; develop the corrective actions for the facility.
  • Measurement of dynamic deflections of shaft (determine load variability, detection of so called hidden crank – located in the support area.
  • Measurement of kiln shell profile along kiln length @ 2 meter
  • Measurement of Girth gear wobbling (requires side machined face of GG free from dust / lubricant / foreign material)and & eccentric run of shell at girth gear portion
  • Conduct a class explaining HKA findings including discussion on problem observed in kiln and reduction / elimination of root causes for trouble free operation.Foundation settlement (requires visible level marks on the foundations)